Sadistic Transcendence

by Wet The Steel

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Recorded 2011.


Absymal, virulent demons I can't control.
My life is forfeit to compulsive mutilation.
Schizophrenic hallucinations overcome my fucking mind.
It is in my nature to blaspheme against your god.
This won't end even after you've caught me in the act.
The loved ones you've lost are never coming back.

Satisfiaction through strangulation.
I will end this pervert's life.
Divine retribution for this loathsome soul.
Repulsive perversions, a shameful existence
Which holds it's weight in blood.

I'm your worst fucking nightmare.
Hatred incarnate.
I'm your worst fucking nightmare.
This isn't over.

Fear me, for I am death
Incestuous son of Satan and sin.

These men cannot judge me for the things I have done.
Here on Earth, you hold weight but your god is long since dead.

I'll show you, you fucking cowards, how much blood I can spill.
These chains cannot bind me.
I won't bow to your will.

What was once a cell is now your tomb.
I've got this coward fuck breathing his final breath.
Cranial dissection, cerebral feast.
Savoring each tender morsel of that foul, rotten meat.

I'm the bringer of your fate.
Liberation from your sin.

With blood-stained hands I shall rise,
This is the day of reckoning.
I want your life.
These chains will never hold me as long as I'm alive.


released April 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Wet The Steel Chicago, IL

Wet The Steel is a five-piece black/death metal band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. The band began in 2008 playing a blend of various styles of metal based on a brutal deathcore backbone but has recently been through a number of lineup and directional changes. With these changes come a faster, more aggressive sound – “slamming blackened death metal,” as they have been recently described. ... more

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